We,with good health as our theme, wish to start arranginng from the environment of place of work

Our work is related to human life.
We believe it is important to be a reliable company for our customers because our work is themed on the health of customers.
To achieve it, the work environment must be clean and pleasant to work.
For example, the premises of MIKI Prune Institute for general research and Nishinomiya Factory are decorated with a variety of trees and flowers, and it is in harmony with nature.

The interior of MIKI Prune Institute for general research is spacious and airy.
It is very open and bright sunlight pours down through large windows.
We are working on research here to elucidate the power of unknown blessing of nature including prunes and develop new products.

MIKI Prune Institute for general research
Nishinomiya Plant MIKI Prune production lines
And the plant layout including the circle dome in which MIKI Prune is produced has been highly evaluated as to receive “The Prize of Urban Vista” from Nishinomiya City.
Sannan Town in Hyogo Prefecture, a town located in about the center of this prefecture with the bless of Nature. Sannan Plant is located in the clean sunshine and the clear air of the town, where MIKI Protein 95, MIKI Bio-C, etc. are produced.
Sannan Plant