Prunes, the “Fruit of Life”
Prunes have long been called the “Fruit of Life” in the Caucasus in Western Asia. The region is the home of prunes and known for the longevity of its people. Later, prunes were taken to America and are now popularly enjoyed as a “miracle fruit.”
Only MIKI Prune lets you become healthier in a delicious way
Since it was released in 1972, MIKI Prune Extract has focused on achieving a balance of rich acidity and sweetness that people never grow tired of and has pursued a truely delicious taste.

Nutrition Facts (per 1stick(18g))

Calories 49kcal
Protein 0.4g
Total fat 0g
Total carbohydrate 12g
Salt equivalent 0.004g
Potassium 167mg



Net weight

1080g (18g×60sticks)


Keep away from direct sunlight and places with high temperature and humidity.

No artificial colorants or preservatives are used.


Carotene, Vitamin B1・B2・ B6, Niacin, Pantothenic acid, Potassium, Phosphorus, Calcium, Magnesium, Iron

■How to take

It can be eaten by itself, dissolved in water or juice, or used as an ingredient in a wide variety of dishes.

・Take 3 sticks per day.