MIKI Glucoade K

Standard Retail Price ¥4,500(excluding tax)

With the advance of westernization of meals which have become in affluence nowadays the danger of having lifestyle related sicknesses is on the increase.
Continuation of nutritionally imbalanced meals will affect the blood sugarlevel control, and it will be causes of obesity, lifestyle related sicknesses and etc.
Just add a pack of MIKI Glucoade to meals for those worrying over the blood sugar level —– New eating habit.
Wheat albumin slows the sharp rise of the blood sugar level after meal.
[Wheat albumin]
Derived from water soluble protein contained in wheat.  Relaxing the action of digestive enzyme of starch in the body, wheat albumin slows body’s digestion and absorption of glucide (starch) contained in food, which can slow the sharp rise of the blood sugar level after meal.

Nutrition Facts (per 1stick (2g))

Calories 6.1kcal
Protein 0.54g
Total fat 0g
Total carbohydrate 1.1g
Salt equivalent 0.28g
0.19‐Wheat albumin
(Functional substance)


Wheat albumin, Bonito extract, Kelp extract, Maltitol, Lactose, Salt, Yeast extract, Starch, Powdered soy sauce (Contains traces of  Wheat・Milk ingredients・Soybean.)

Net weight

60g (2.0g×30sticks)


Keep away from direct sunlight and places with high temperature and humidity.

No artificial colorants or preservatives are used.

Take MIKI Glucoade K deliciously along with glucide (starch) of rice, noodles and bread.
Rice Noodles Bread
Food with health claims (Food for specified health uses) Consumer Affairs Aggency,Goverment of Japan

Food For Specified Health Uses is a food, to which certain ingredients acting to control physical condition have been added, and whose effects for health have been certified, and the indication of whose uses and effects has been permitted by Consumer Affairs Agency,Government of Japan.
Just for a memo
Take MIKI Glucoade with meal containing glucide (starch). The blood sugar level reaches the peak of rise in about half an hour an hour when glucide (starch) taken through mouth is digested and absorbed. If not taken with meal, take it before rise of the blood sugar level. Even if taken after rise of the blood sugar level, the action of wheat albumin can not be expected.
Indication permitted : This food contains wheat albumin (wheat protein) and slows digestion and absorption of glucide (starch). This helps to improve diet for those who start worrying over the blood sugar level.
Intake quantity of a day (standard) : 3sticks a day and take a pack with meal after stirring well with 100 130ml hot water.
Instructions before intake:
This is a food, but does not heal diseases. Take this as a food to improve diet for those who start worrying over the blood sugar level. Further, those who are undergoing treatment for diabetes and those who were informed of the unusual blood sugar level are requested to consult with professionals such as doctors before intake.
An ingredient originated from wheat has been combined, and those who are allergic to wheat are requested not to take this.
Cautions on preservation and cooking:
Keep away from direct sunlight and places with high temperature and humidity.
Do not boil this again after stirring with hot water.